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Garage Wall Storage in Oakville, ON

Garage Wall Storage

Our slat wall storage systems are highly versatile. Their modular format means they can be configured and reconfigured to custom fit different garages. This garage wall storage is heavy duty, for storing nearly everything in your garage, keeping the area tidy and your floor free of tripping hazards.

Our storage is supremely functional, but also looks sleek and attractive. Whether you want just a small area for a shelf, rack and coat hangers, or a full garage storage wall, we can install the slat wall you need.

Increase Storage Space Without Reducing Garage Floor Space

Keep your garage free of clutter, and don’t lose precious garage floor space. Use your garage walls more effectively with a superior garage storage system custom installed for your individual needs.

You can use your increased garage space for an indoor use workbench, which can conveniently store away when not in use, or a workout area, or just enjoy the space.

Sturdy and Durable

Our slat walls are extremely heavy duty, with 2 mm thick boards that hold up to 75 lbs per square foot. They are impact resistant, and include a lifetime warranty.

Our wall storage modules install over drywall to studs or directly to studs, making them extremely stable; they won’t fall over and make a bigger mess all over your floor.

Their interlocking panels are not susceptible to mold, mildew, or water. All the trims and hardware are included.

Garage Storage Solutions

Our slat wall storage modules are more than a simple pegboard – our slat wall is a full garage storage solution with a wide range of accessories to choose from, to fit all of your garage storage ideas. Wall storage options include traditional hooks, shelving, rack attachments, plus much more.

We can set you up with the perfect system for your garage organization. Floating shelves are perfect for a variety of materials. Garage shelving is always a useful staple of storage solutions, for holding boxes and more. Basket attachments to store cleaning supplies and other essentials are also convenient. The hose and cord holder is perfect to hang extension cords on so they don’t get tangled.

Coat racks and coat hooks are available and can be used for outerwear, overalls, as well as hanging tools. Double hooks and other specialty hooks flexibly store a range of items, from camping gear, long tools, and other larger items. Small hook options are perfect for smaller items such as tools or painting supplies.

Heavy duty hooks work to hang heavy items like golf bags, sports gear, larger gardening tools, and long handled tools. For your more specialized sports equipment storage, a fishing rod holder, board rack, or vertical bike hook may be useful.

You can create a special area around your workbench, with shelving and racks to organize everything you need for a project.

You will be able to easily access all of your stuff, so whether you are getting out seasonal items one weekend a year, special equipment every few months, or other things you use weekly, you can grab them easily.

We Can Help You Design Your Garage Wall Storage

Let us know your particular storage needs, and we can customize your storage system solution to match. We are experts in garage wall storage systems, and can work with you to develop a solution to fit the amount of storage you need now, as well as leaving room for more storage as your needs grow over time. Your storage solution will be a home improvement you will continue to appreciate, even after several years.

Our garage wall storage is durable and sturdy enough for your tools, equipment and other items; you don’t need to worry about a rack or shelves falling or tipping, dumping your belongings on the floor.

Our storage solutions can be set up to be flexible enough for you to reorganize and readjust if you do find that you are starting to create clutter again.

Sleek Garage Wall Storage That Is Attractive as Well as Functional

When you want to give your garage a full makeover, you want your garage storage systems to look good, too. For those who take pride in all areas of their house, our garage storage has an attractive, tidy finish. They are easy to clean, which is an essential feature in garages, to help them stay looking good.

The patented hidden screw design gives a professional, finished look that is far superior to common peg boards.

Environmentally Friendly and Proudly Made in Canada

Our PVC Slat wall is made in Canada, from 90% recycled materials, so you can feel good about your purchase.

We also have garage storage cabinets for added protection of your belongings.

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