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Garage Shelving

Garage Wall Shelving

The Happy Garage Company’s heavy duty racking is designed to provide maximum storage without loss of floor space.

Our patent-pending design delivers functional storage for bulky items on top, the flexibility to hang items below and the ability to see what’s on the shelf through the grid. Built to last, our racking holds up to 800 lb.


The all in one organization system.

  • Modular system
    •   800 lb. rack capacity
    •   Heavy-duty steel construction
    •   Powder-coated finish in metallic charcoal
    •   Maximize space in your garage, basement or shed
    •   Includes 3 x 5 in. S hooks and 3 x 12 in. S hooks

Expandable Shelves System

Our racking is one of the most versatile, modular storage shelves you can get your hands on. This expandable system allows you to add more ProRacks on either side, even after you already installed your first section.

Expandable heavy-duty garage wall storage
800lb high quality shelves by happy garage

800 lb. ProRack Capacity

The Happy Garage Company’s heavy-duty racking easily holds up to 800 lb. when installed directly into studs. No need to worry about your heavy, bulky items getting in the way anymore with the our patented design.

high quality shelves hang on a wall
bicycles hand on a high-quality custom shelves
Garage Shelving by happy garage
The Happy Garage Company