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Make Your Garage

Your Happy Place!

85% of all Canadian homeowners enter their home through their garage.
Over 90% of Canadian homeowners say their garage is their least favorite room in their house!
It is time to change that, we can convert your garage to a clean, organized, useable room.

We can Make Your Garage your Happy Place!


About Us

We can Make Your Garage
your Happy Place!

We are garage transformation specialists. We can take any garage no matter the clutter or damage and covert it into a clean, organized, useable room, your favorite room!

We are located in Oakville, ON servicing Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and the Muskoka’s.

Our floor coating has been used on over 100,000 floors across North America. Our polyspartic coating is used on US and Canadian military tanks, the Golden Gate Bridge, locomotives, box cars and any job that needs to last.

The Happy Garage Company