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Garage Floor Flake

Get a new garage floor that is as beautiful as it is tough.

Garages are often overlooked when it comes to decorating and renovating, yet people use it more often than they realize. Garages are often the first impression people receive every time they come home.

Replacing the old garage floor with attractive flooring has a huge impact on the impression your garage gives. Our garage floor flake coatings are more durable and long lasting than a traditional epoxy floor, and they look great.

We use Chem-Thane Flex, a high quality polyaspartic sealing and coating system, which has been used on over 100,000 floors across North America. Our FLAKES decorative surfacing adds an aesthetic and a touch of decor to your garage.

Refresh Your Garage with the look of a Full Flake Garage Floor Coating

Flake flooring is an industrial-strength, decorative floor surface. They consist of resin coatings that form a seamless, full-broadcast surface over concrete, strengthening and beautifying.

They are applied as multiple layers as liquids onto a concrete slab or wood, and are then allowed to cure. Our FLAKES floors are more durable than traditional epoxy flake floors, for beauty that will last.

FLAKES Floors – Custom Garage Floor Flake Colours

Our floors offer options in aesthetic surfaces, with choices of colour chips in the topcoat, to allow complete variety in colours and effects. These colour chips, or flakes are available in a range of textures and colours to give you full flexibility, so you can choose the perfect floor look to fit your vision.

What Are Flakes or Colour Chips?

Flakes are specially designed coloured chips that are used in industrial floor coatings to make them into attractive features, perfect for enhancing the industrial floorings into more decorative applications. These colour chips are made of resin and different pigments. Each chip is random in shape; chips come in different sizes and colours to provide unique texture and appearance to coated surfaces. They are thoroughly coloured, so these coatings are attractive however the flakes lie.

The colour chips and flakes in our FLAKES floors are specially formulated paint aggregates that are suspended in the clear coat, and spread out as the liquid layer is applied. Every floor blend is slightly different, as the flake patterns will come out naturally, and will be slightly different every time, for a unique and natural look.

Customizable Effects

With the wide range of sizes and colours of decorative flakes available, there is sure to be a combination that appeals to you. You can get creative with standard colour chips to design customized colours and effects. Choose from existing colour combinations, or customize from a variety of colours and flakes patterns, to create a custom colour chip blend. With custom colour combinations, you can choose up to four colours and sizes of colour chips.

Quality Installations

We install each garage flake floor perfectly, every time, for each of our customers. We take the time to clean off the dust, oil and grime from the old floor, and prep the surface to ensure a perfect bond for your new floor.

We use only the highest-grade, industrial-strength floor coatings. By expertly installing these, you get the full benefits of this superior flooring solution. Installations take just two days.

Benefits of a Chem-Thane Flex Polyaspartic Concrete Floor


Our floors are long lasting, and guaranteed not to flake, peel, or blister. They are highly resistant to abrasion and impact damages – four times more resistant to abrasion and scratching, compared to epoxy floor surfaces. They are also completely resistant to hot tire pickup, a common issue with an epoxy floor, where heated tires can cause peeling and delamination to surfaces as they cool and sink into the flooring.

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