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Garage Shelves

At the Happy Garage Company, we know how hard it can be to find the perfect heavy duty garage shelving. That is why we designed the sturdiest, highest-quality racks ourselves, so you don’t have to search any more.

We are experts in garage storage and shelving, so we designed these to provide maximum storage, for our very own, Canadian-designed and built brand of shelving. Keep everything clutter free, with no tripping hazards, and reclaim more usable area for other things.

Patent Pending Garage Shelving

The Happy Garage Company’s patent-pending design delivers the ability to store bulky items on top and hang items underneath, making these a perfect all-in-one organization system.

With the metal grid design, you can see what is on the top shelf, so you don’t need to search everywhere for whatever you need. It also means that you won’t get any unnoticed moisture buildup that could damage your belongings.

They are heavy duty, supported by a bracket system, and built to last. Their tough steel frame construction holds up to hard use. It has much better longevity compared to lighter metal products, which can rust, warp, or bend; or wood shelving, which deteriorates over time and is vulnerable to mould and rot. Our Happy Garage Company ProRacks will hold up to 800 lbs, giving you a lot of support to store heavy items, when installed directly into studs. With our installation services, every rack is put up properly, to ensure they store as much as you need them to.

They are sturdy enough to handle your collection of bolts, fasteners, and other odds and ends; just fill bins and stack them on top. You can store sports or camping equipment, seasonal items, and more, easily and securely.

The Happy Garage Company’s sturdy ProRack system solves your problems of heavy, bulky items tripping you up and blocking your way. It is also better for your belongings to be stored safely and carefully.

Because they are modular, you can put them where you need them, and they can be arranged to fit the area you have. They can be installed exactly where you need them, even in small spots with minimal space, for adjustable height and location, to fully fit your needs and make everything easily accessible.

Our racks come with 3 x 5 inch S hooks and 3 x 12 inch S hooks, to make loading your gear onto the underside of them easy and secure.

They are perfect for the basement, shed, or even a home gym.

Eye-Catching Garage Storage Shelves

You can take pride in the look of our garage shelving. They are sleek and look professional – not like some of the cheaper, flimsy metal products available out there. The metallic charcoal color and details, like the powder-coated finish of this shelf, look polished, and fit any garage aesthetic and décor.

Clearing the clutter out of an area can make it feel like a complete makeover; starting with the shelves in the garage is a great start. Getting organized makes the entire area look better; we make getting organized and tidy easier with our ProRacks.

Garage Cabinet - Garage Transformation Service

Expandable and Flexible Shelving Units

If you collect more things, our versatile, modular racks are expandable, so you can store more. In fact, our racking is one of the most flexible solutions you can find.

Simply add more ProRacks on either side of a currently, properly installed ProRack. Because they are able to support such a high weight capacity – up to 800 lbs it is possible to add on without fear of the racks falling or failing.

When you purchase a ProRack system, you can make the most of your wall and fill all your storage needs. Our customers are amazed at how much our ProRack system stores.

Our shelves work in two ways to increase your storage. There is lots of room on the top to store tools, equipment, but you can also hang items underneath. With hardware accessories like the S hooks that come with the garage shelving, you can hang items like bicycles by the wheels, and more, making these dual purpose, for optimal storage.

Our Happy Garage ProRacks also do not waste any critical floor real estate, unlike most industrial shelving options that are generally available for purchase.

Contact us for additional information and prices. We will come out and visit you to provide a free estimate for our services. We take pride in our work, and guarantee all of our services.

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